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This paper will discuss the lives of Abraham and Lot in Genesis 13 and 19. In Genesis 1: 27 Terah is the father of Abraham, Nahor, and Haran. They are all brothers. Haran has a son and his name is Lot. According to Genesis 12: 1 God told Abraham to leave his country, and go elsewhere. In verse 5 he takes his nephew Lot along for the journey. In Genesis 12 Abraham, Sarai and Lot dwelled in Egypt and were told to leave the land. In Genesis 13 Abraham and Lot each have cattle to care for. Both decided that Abraham’s cattle and Lots cattle could not mingle together in Genesis 13:6-9. In Genesis 13:12 Lot chose the plain of Jordan close to Sodom. Lot’s decision did not include counsel from the Lord in pitching his tent toward Sodom. God’s…show more content…
In Genesis 13:13 the people of Sodom were very wicked and sinful. In Genesis 13:14-17 the covenant of Abraham was given. In verse 18 Abraham chose the area of Hebron to dwell. Lot’s decision was not God’s decision. Lot chose Sodom that was known for its wickedness. Sodom was a city where people sinned and did not seek God and His righteous. There deeds were continually evil before the Lord. What was Lot thinking? Did he know the reputation of the city before he chose to dwell there? Sometimes we choose the bad things, thinking “What’s the worse that could happen”? In verse 14 Abraham was instructed by God to look over the land and told him that he and generations to come would inherit the land. Abraham chose wisely and did not pitch his tent toward Sodom. Sodom Represented evil and the Hebron represented the promise. Abraham received the promise and listened to God’s direction. In Genesis 13, there is no evidence of Lot seeking God direction where he should “pitch his tent” In Genesis 14: 13 scripture states that Lot and his belongings were removed from Sodom. The kings of the land were at war and because Lot chose Sodom he was caught up in the mist of war. Abraham was living a different life in

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