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Should parents let their kids play football? That is a question many across America ask today. We all love football. It can be argued that it has passed baseball as the pastime sport for America. So as a parent they would like to watch their kids play the sport too. In my opinion parents shouldn’t let there kids play football at a young. Playing football is a great way to get your kids in shape. Considering that childhood obesity is a big problem in America with more than one third of children in America obese. Plying football is a great way to make them stay in shape and healthy. All of this sounds great until you hear about the serious injuries of football. Hard hits while playing football can lead to sprain injuries, broken bones, and also…show more content…
According to the Southwest Athletic Trainers Association the number of kids getting concussions from football tripled in the year 2007. Between 2001 through 2009 football sent a whopping 25,376 kids to the hospital for concussions and brain type injuries. These brain injuries can turn into long-term injuries. The short-term injury might cause things like vomiting, nausea, confusion, and memory problems and if you keep getting these injuries they turn out to be very bad and will hunt your child in the future. Doctors have said that one concussion can cause an effect that will last lifetime. So why would you want to risk letting you child get something that might mess up their future? A parent might think that with all of the pads their child has on they will be safe from getting brain injuries and other injuries that are risked while playing football. No Helmet or pad will keep your body 100 percent safe. Special pads and helmets are made to help protect a specific part but in the end it only helps not fully and guarantee your child safe. Safeball II I am not saying that you child should not play any sport. Your child should be healthy and get a great workout. There are better sports out there than football and they are a lot

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