Gmed Patient Portal Case Study

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Patient portal is the new and improve website that is being access by many patients, doctors and other healthcare caregivers worldwide. Patient portals give patients the proper tools to better understand and take control of their chronic health condition, however, widespread adoption of patient portals are going through challenges from some patients and physician who are refusing to accept and use the portals. The main reason why these portals were created is to help improve the quality and access to patients’ health records by helping patients to be regularly active in managing and taking proper care of their health and wellbeing. As a medical clerk at the Center for Digestive Health, I got the opportunity to interview my supervisor Michael…show more content…
1. Please describe the stigma and hardship behind clinical testing. Which factors contribute to the likelihood of patient retention and acceptance of clinical research programs? Mr. Bizarretty started off by stating the type of patient portal that is being used at the CDH, which is the Gmed patient portal. This portal is a safe and secure website that patient use to access their health information and communicate with the practice. He said that unlike other patient portals, Gmed is an entirely combined solution that allows CDH to have a closer relationship with patients by setting up a direct connection between the physicians at the facility and their patients. Gmed is fully equipped with features and tools that patients can access at any time and at any place for them to review their medical records, send private messages in regards to their health, and also manage their appointments. He also stated that some of the stigmas and hardship behind clinical…show more content…
This is not true, if patients are educated about how to use the portal through practice website and brochures, the adoption rates will grow and older patients would continue to take advantage of portal. Mr. Michael believes that it depends on the patient load and the population. But physicians in private practices such as the CDH can have a more ongoing connection or relationship with patients who are both younger and older patients and also patients who are minors, their parents maybe more receptive to a tool that deepens those relationship or connections. Also creating good quality marketing materials and hiring well committed onboarding portal staff members can open up a pathway to an increase in portal

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