Comparing Hamlet And 2000 Movie Versions Of Hamlet

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Hamlet is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays. It tells the tale of Hamlet seeking revenge on the former king, his father, who was murdered by his new step-dad and king, Claudius. Although, originally a playwright, Hamlet has been made into many successful and famous movies. I will be focusing on the 1990 and 2000 film versions of Hamlet. The 1990 film version has Mel Gibson playing as Hamlet, while the 2000 film version has Ethan Hawke playing as Hamlet. The 1990 version of Hamlet is set in a very traditional/Medieval location while the 2000 version of Hamlet is set in a very modern/high-tech location. Although both films are completely different from each other, they both tell the tragic story of the legendary Hamlet. I will also…show more content…
The way Mel Gibson portrays Hamlet makes it seem like Hamlet has actually never loved Ophelia like he proclaims. He shows no sign of compassion or even gently touches Ophelia; instead he forcefully grabs her face and throws her against the wall. Ophelia’s actor’s facial expressions continuously change during this scene, which shows Ophelia’s worry and confusion for Hamlet. Although Hamlet most likely told Ophelia to go to a nunnery since he cares about her, the way Mel Gibson was consistently raising his voice made it seem like he just wanted her out of his…show more content…
This version of Hamlet doesn’t show the soldiers seeing the ghost in the beginning; instead it just shows Horatio telling Hamlet that they saw his father’s ghost. The way the ghost suddenly appears, eerily beacons Hamlet and the miserable facial expression it makes shows just how creepy the ghost is. The audience knows Hamlet is scared of the ghost because he hesitates in his movements, breathes heavily and his eyes widen completely. When Hamlet is talking to his father’s spirit the audience can see the love Hamlet had for his father because he starts to cry and shows the hurt in his

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