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Hannibal High School is a good high school to attend, but somethings need to be changed. Food proportions, dress codes , adding AVID and more college visits are some things that could make attending Hannibal High School much more pain free. These four things are four main topics that are either discussed by the student body or discussed by the parents. Missouri’s food requirements for ages 13 through 18 is two ounces of meat, eight ounces of yogurt, ½ cup of fruit or veggies for breakfast and ¾ cup for lunch and we get one slice of bread and if we get pasta we recieve ½ cup. As a high school student I think our food proportions should be increased by a little.Therefore from eating school lunch from my freshman to junior my year the only school meal that filled me up was pasta day. I think our school should either give us a big fulfilling breakfast and a small lunch or the other way around. I also think that the seniors should have a couple of days out of their last year to pick what we have for that day.…show more content…
Now students are not allowed to wear leggings or yoga pants, spaghetti straps, certain jewelry is not allowed to be worn and the one dress code that makes the entire student body of HHS upset are the dress codes for our formal dances. Two piece dresses are only allowed if the midriff is not showing and your dress cannot have holes on the sides.For example last year we had a lot of problems with prom dresses because a lot were either a two piece or the dress revealed “too much” skin and all of those hundred dollar dresses were not allowed to be worn which left many students and parents

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