Observing In A Homeless Community

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I am living in a community where there are over hundred homeless families who are struggling to find food to feed their selves and their children. I remember coming from the store with my mother once, on the side of the street was a homeless mother with her daughter in one arm and holding a sign with the other. It was a very sunny day, and having witnessed such disparity it really touched my heart. Observing that poor little girl struggle with her mother to find some change in order to purchase some food for that day made me realize that life is not fair and that one should be willing to help as many people as they can because they never know when their turn is next. That poor woman had lost her job, house was in foreclosure, and the only shelter that they had was her car. At that moment, I wished that I as more fortunate in order to further aid this destitute woman not only because of her beautiful young girl, but simply because one day that could be me in her situation. If I had the opportunity to change anything in my community it would be the amount of homeless starving individuals that I see on the street on a daily basis.…show more content…
I know what is it like to be hungry and destitute and it as an experience that I would now any young children or adults for that matter to experience. I didn’t always have juice to drink and I didn’t always have clean water to use, hence, having witnessed another child such underprivileged circumstance had really made me reflect back on my childhood days. There are people out here who use being homeless as their excuse to been the way that that are, but everyone has a story and the only thing I would like to do is help those people to get back on their

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