Now Lay Me Down: Don T Believe In Religion

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After reading the readings that were assigned to the class this week. I finally realize how and why various people don't believe in religion. Throughout much of the readings authors used and allowed us to detect ways in which fear playing a role in religion. Putting fear in an individual's heart forces them to consider their plans and create options. This makes room for a person to feel guilty for thinking or acting against God. In the short story "Now lay me down" there's a segment of the short story that states "happy are the child whose tender years receive instruction well." Most of these readings discuss children following the Lord's way of life, and also knowing the consequences if they decide to disobey. I find it sad that there are different approaches and techniques used to force children to follow God's teachings. It's crucial for children to be given the choice whether to follow the religion and should not be either guilt or feared into being a follower. Although putting fear in a child's heart through the tactics of manipulation is not fair or right to the child. In the reading " Now lay me down to sleep" we are introduced to a prayer that is said by the speaker's mother. He reminisces to the very time were they both knelt down and prayed this prayer every night before falling asleep. My parents were never taught this…show more content…
The elders gathered the kids up including my father, saying that God doesn't children being disrespectful in his house. Since that incident my father as a child feared the Lords power. When I was a child, I was taught to express my feelings in a respectful and honest way, like my parents I was taught the Lord's Prayer when I got older. I can say I was forced to go to church, however I was never taught to be fearful of God like many of the stories have

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