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In Holding Hands, Susan Moon proves that change, and growing up is inevitable. She proves this with the most obvious choice, holding hands. But also by the bullfight mini story. While both have to do with holding hands, one is completely different from the other. In the beginning of the short story, there is a small section on how long they have been holding hands. The son loves to hold hands, but one night his opinion changed drastically. One night, the mother and the son went to a bullfight in Camargue. Once the fight finished, hords of people started to file out. As they were exiting, the son went to hold on to his mothers hand. But his mother pulled her hand away from his. “I think you’re too old for that. Can I put my arm around you?” Joe became really angry at his mother's actions. “I can’t believe you said that< that goes against everything you’ve ever taught me.” By retelling…show more content…
Throughout Joe's life, he has always loved holding hands with is mother. But once his mother starts noticing that he is growing up, they shouldn't hold hands anymore. Joe becomes angry at his mother for thinking that. But at 13 who could blame Sam, the mother? It got to the point where even a psychologist told Sam they couldn’t hold hands anymore. “...Sam was encouraging an inappropriate sexual attachment by holding hands with Joe.” But to Joe, he couldn’t care less. Sam loved his mother very much, almost to the point where it was creepy. He was super protective of her. He didn’t want to grow up, he didn’t think he was ever going too. That is why he loved to hold hands. He never put into perspective that he was a thirteen year old kid who was still holding his mothers hand. Kids always hold their mothers hand, but there comes a point where you shouldn’t be doing it anymore. Sam never got that feeling because he thought he was still a kid, and frankly thirteen years old is hardly a child. Holding hands was a key symbol in the

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