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Turbidity in water is caused by suspended matter, suspended particle clouding the water may be due to such inorganic substances such as clay, silt, calcium carbonate, silica, iron, sulfur; and cause by organic substances such as microorganism, grease, oil etc. Turbidity in Dhanbad Division Railway Station Tap water samples is varied from 2.0 to 5.4 NTU. WHO/BIS standard Turbidity desirable limit is 1 NTU and permissible limit is 5 NTU. But inT1, T2 station water sample contains more value than the permissible limit. Water hardness was understood to be a measure of the soap consuming capacity of water. Hard water causes harmful effect upon the health of consumer. Use of hard water causes excessive soap consumption in home, laundries, textile and paper industries [10]. Total hardness of different sites in Dhanbad Division Railway Station Tap water is varied from 151 to 410mg/l. In potable water the salty taste produced by chloride concentration and it is variable and dependent on the chemical composition on water. Some water containing concentration 25 mg/l chloride may have a detectable salty taste if the cation is sodium. Chloride is…show more content…
For example, well water may contain more sodium than the surface water where the amount of sodium in tap water is quite low. Sodium (Na) is an essential element required for normal body functions including nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction, relaxation, and fluid regulation. Excess sodium consumption results in a greater availability of sodium ions in the blood stream which leads to increased blood volume and constricted blood vessels. This condition results in thickening of the cardiac muscle and potential enlargement of the heart. This can result in increased risk of hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. In Dhanbad railway division sodium concentration of Tap water is within the range of WHO. In Koderma railway station concentration of sodium is

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