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In the short story “Recitatif” by Morrison, Twyla and Roberta grow as friends and enemies throughout the story. The similarities and differences of Twyla and Roberta’s friendship change over small differences in views. Race and social inequality are present as children, young adults, and older women. To begin, a person must know how they meet and start their life long journey together. At the beginning of the story, the two girls show lots of innocents. At this stage of life, they are the most similar to each other than any other part of their life. Both are sent to orphanage while still having parents. They immediately become the outcast among the other children. This brings the two of them together and they soon become great friends. The short time Twyla and Roberta are together as children, they have a life long effect with a girl named Maggie. Maggie could not speak. All the orphans thought she was dumb and made fun of her. One day Maggie and Twyla watch older girls beat Maggie up. This event helps change their relationship later in life. The author does not reveal the race of the characters at the…show more content…
They happen to run into each other at a grocery store. Just like before, Roberta is defiantly ahead of Twyla in social class. Twyla and Roberta seem as if they are getting closer when they meet this time but in reality, they actually become farther apart. It is hard to imagine this because Twyla rides around in Roberta’s limousine and seem friendly to each other. Roberta is showing off to Twyla. They could have done something that did not show the wealth Roberta has. Roberta asks Twyla what her husband does just to quickly tell her that her husband is a white collar millionaire. Their similarities are quickly disappearing. The only different thing about this meeting from the last time they met is they figured out how to be polite to each

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