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Meditation’s Many Benefits on Human’s Health Meditation has taken a huge part in our culture since the beginning of humanity. It originated from prehistoric lands of Asia where it was cultivated as a part of religious rituals. Nowadays, it is practiced to calm our minds and enhance health, as well as to prevent many diseases. Meditation is an effective way to overcome fears and recover from different types of addictions. Through its thoughtfully designed posture we are able to concentrate on our minds letting our thoughts fade away. This state of thoughtless awareness – meditation - has a positive impact on our physical and mental health. First of all, meditating regularly can significantly affect our mental health. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a…show more content…
One of the most common ones is the mindfulness meditation that focuses on detaching from our thoughts. „We live most of our life through three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming and sleeping” demonstrates how we live as people – experiencing the life with our senses, but also our mind (How To Meditate). It’s present in all of the three states of consciousness. However Sri Sri Ravi Shankar describes how our mind can get above our senses – in that fourth state that can be achieved through meditation. When we meditate, we detach from our thoughts, we are in „the higher state of consciousness … somewhere in between the waking, sleeping and dreaming states.” (How To Meditate). Another popular type of meditation is guided meditation in which an instructor says powerful sentences in such a powerful manner that we become relaxed or change our attitude. Guided meditations are specially designed to help us deal with fear, become more confident, feel better about ourselves and more. Anyone can find a guided meditation that will fit them to deal with real life problems and anxieties. For instance, Zazen meditation that means “seated meditation” focuses on nothing but the breath allowing your body to be in a position of a perfect stillness. Practiced regularly, Zazen leads to a deep exploration of hidden awareness within us. Additionally, it sharpens
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