How Does Katherina Change In Taming Of The Shrew

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Who Are You Calling a Shrew? It may not be hard to be shrew, but taming, that is a whole different story. Taming of the Shrew is a play written by William Shakespeare. It takes place in Padua, Italy. The story behind all of it is quite comical, a lord found a drunk man lying down. He decided to play a trick on him and make him think that he was asleep for 10 years. The only way to make him better was to watch this play. Katherina is one of the key characters in Taming of the Shrew. She is the eldest sister to Bianca who is also Baptista Minola´s daughter. The way she changes from the beginning to the end of the play is extreme and almost unbelievable to the other characters. Kate was a shrew at the beginning but by the end of the play, she turns into a brain-washed and obedient wife. Katherine is unable to get anyone to marry her because of her shrewish attitude and behaviors. She is such a shrew that even her only father, Baptista, does not know who would want to marry her. Kate tied up her little sister, yelled at her father in public, and even hit Hortensio, her music instructor, in the head with an instrument. Kate is…show more content…
The speech that Kate gives at the end of the book shows the major transformation that she has taken. “Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper, Thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee…” (5.2.140-141) This is one part of Kate’s speech to the widow and Bianca at the end of the play. Kate is simply brainwashed by Petruchio, but this is the exact way that he wanted her to be. She believes that a woman’s body is weak and so should their insides because they should just give themselves to their husband. Also that since their husband provides security then they should provide loyalty and believe and do everything he does or says. Kate is tamed and lives and acts completely differently than she did before she met the man who changed it all,

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