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The movie I decided to explore through a psychological perspective is The Shawshank Redemption. In the beginning of the movie, the main character Andy Dufresne founds out his wife was stepping out on him. He follows her and her lover, in hopes of confronting the man. He never states that he was going to kill the man. Confronting the man could have very well meant killing him. In court he tells the judge and the jury that he threw the gun into the river, never killing them. It didn’t really make sense that he followed the two, had a gun, but didn’t kill them. Regardless of claiming his innocence, he was sentenced to two life sentences at Shawshank. Andy went from a well-educated and free man to an institutionalized man. Andy spent many years in prison, 19 to be exact. After being in prison for 19 years Andy decided that was long enough considering he was innocent. Andy escaped and crossed into Mexico, but not before getting his finances straight. Throughout the movie, I noticed a lot of psychological aspects.…show more content…
Andy had never been in prison before so he wasn’t accustomed to the things that went on inside. For instance, when Red asks Andy what he’s in for, he replies he didn’t do it. Red’s let’s Andy know he’ll fit right in because everybody in the prison is innocent. At first, Andy doesn’t understand what Red is saying. Later when he’s asked by Tommie what he’s in prison for, he basically tells him it’s his lawyers fault and that everyone in the prison is innocent. Although Andy is in fact innocent he conformed to the idea of everyone in the prison being “innocent” but in fact guilty. If he conformed to be like the other prisoners in some way he’d fit

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