Sexual Assault Crimes

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INTRO: Victim interviews are usually the main source of evidence when investigating sexual assault crimes. Sexual assault is one of the most traumatic types of criminal victimization. “Sexual assault victims telling their stories are usually much more inhibited, guarded, and vulnerable to distortion than victims of other crimes,” (Lisak 2). These victims are intensely traumatized by the humiliation of their physical violation and the fear of being injured or killed. Only men and women who have suffered the trauma of sexual assault themselves can begin to understand the depth and complexity of feelings experienced by the event. With this in mind, it is essential as an investigator that ones approach to interviewing sexual assault victims…show more content…
Most sexual assaults are committed by someone close to the victim and not a stranger; moreover, young persons and women are most likely to be sexually assaulted. It is challenging to analyze the number of rapes and sexual assaults that occur annually because these crimes are underreported. According to Statistics Canada, “of every 100 incidents of sexual assault, only 6 are reported to the police,” (Stats Can). One study identified several reasons why sexual assault victims do not file police reports, which included “fear of guilt and embarrassment, fear of not being believed, and a mistrust of the criminal justice system,” (Gillagan 11). Officers who are responsible for interviewing these crimes play a pivotal role in subduing victims’ fears and…show more content…
I have such strong sympathy and compassion for victims of sexual assault, not to mention the fact that no one deserves to experience this horrendous act. There is zero justification regarding a person forcing themselves upon another person without their consent. The stigma about sexual assault needs to be eliminated in order to find justice for the victims. Nothing will change until society makes the reporting of rape easier and safer for victims. It is the ultimate goal to find justice for the victim and ensure that the victim never feels that the sexual assault was in any way their fault. It is important that investigators follow specific guidelines when interviewing victims because it is such a fragile

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