Gender Roles In King Lear

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The Power Hungry Daughters William Shakespeare wrote King Lear in the later part of his career. Because of this, he exposes a wide range of controversial issues. For instance, children defying their elders and women as subject to power and discrimination. Shakespeare portrays women as being the stronger sex in King Lear opposite of what the standards of the time were. Shakespeare takes the traditionally masculine qualities such as ambition, lust, and greed and crosses them over into two of the female characters Goneril and Regan. This creates a lot of controversy between the roles of women and men at the time. This also brings to light the strength and power that females can have, but is often overlooked because of male dominance in a society. The feminist theorist goal is to examine how women are represented in this work of literature, how gender stereotypes are either included or excluded in this work, and the struggle for power between women and men. During the time when Shakespeare wrote this play females were viewed as being of the weaker sex and having maternal roles such as serving there husbands and kids. Females were expected to be submissive and obedient. Additionally, females were limited in…show more content…
He shows how much of an impact the cross over between male and female roles can have in the way that it creates chaos and loss of structure in a society. Shakespeare makes it seem like gender roles must be followed in order for society to maintain order and not break out into chaos. Throughout the play, Goneril and Regan attempt to disturb the order of that system, only to suffer and be punished. This belief is supported because throughout the play Goneril and Regan demonstrate masculine traits and attempt to corrupt the order of society. This act only comes to cause them suffering and punishment in the end. Sadly showing that the patriarchal system cannot be

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