Sexual Assaults In Prison

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Base off the reading I feel that Sexual assault in the correctional facilities is very important and critical to me for a number of reasons. Sexual assault in prison occurs every day and sometimes people or the guards are unaware of the actions. The prison inmates commit these crimes and some without caring if they contract an infection in the act of doing so. I feel that this is very important especially to gain knowledge for anyone coming into the prison to know their rights to know what goes on in the prison. Being sexual assaulted can really impact an individual life and cause them to be mental. A lot of the prison inmates try to gain reputation and some are gang affiliated so they do things because they feel like they can. I also feel…show more content…
According to (The basics About Sexual Abuse in U.S. Dentention, 2013) the inmates that are most vulnerable are the lesbians, gay, bisexual, or transgender because of this reason they are targeted the most for sexual assaults. The inmates that are gay, lesbian or transgender were abused ten times higher than straight prisoners. I feel that some of the inmates committing the sexual assaults are the individuals who may be spending life in prison and become bored so they commit the sexual assaults. Sexual assaults in prison can also lead to inmates contracting HIV and different infections. Also think about the individuals that are sexual assaulted having mental issue and later they are traumatized by the act and it changes their life completely because that is something they have to leave with. I personally have a friend that was in prison and because he was the new guy coming in and he was small they felt that they could handle him and take advantage and commit sexual assault on him however, this lead to the inmate trying to assault him dead. Anything can happen in prison and from the day that this happened nobody tried to mess with him again he had to gain a reputation for himself and let them know that he was not to be messed with. So this is why sexual assault in prison is important and
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