Blowing The Whistle On Campus Rape

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Rape become an important issue in today’s world, but nobody takes it seriously. In school and college the authorities do not provide any support or services to the victim. Caroline Heldman and Danielle Dirks wrote the article, “Blowing the Whistle on Campus Rape” in which “student activists, alumni and supportive faculty have taken on the epidemic of sexual assault with renewed vigor and added legal tools” ( Heldman and Dirks 32). The article explores that “the struggle is far from over, but momentum on campuses around these issues is strong and growing” (37). One main think we needs to know is the definition of rape. FBI’s Uniform Crime Report defines Rape as ‘“the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will”’ (35). The current…show more content…
Out of every 5 women 1 women experience rape or attempt of rape. Only 12 percent of rape victims report their experience to higher authority. In most cases colleague or associate commit a crime. According to2002 study, 6.4 percent university men confesses that they execute or attempt rape, 63 percent commit the same misdeed many times, and generally multiple offender perform this crime at least 6 times. “A recent study by SAFER (Student Active for Ending Rape) found that 26 percent of college students do not know if their school follows sexual assault policy or not” (34). Most of the survivors do not report their assaults or rapes because of terror of counterattack from attacker or others. Most rape cases happens during first and second semester of…show more content…
First, the title IX protest the Clery act, “group lawsuits and social media-have effectively brought school mishandling of sexual assault and rape into the national discourse” (33). Second, “the SaVE Act affirms that schools are responsible for the prevention of sexual violence, not just managing it after the fact” (33). Finally, many other acts are there like SAFER (Student Active for Ending Rape) act, Department of Education (ED) act etc. Through these acts colleges take instant steps to end sexual assault. They also provides education to students without any biasness. If any university do not take any action against such crime; in that case, they can get punishment from the court, may be court fine them for their negligence. “Because of new communication technologies the activists use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Skype etc., not only to share their own experience of sexual violence and institutional betrayal, but to connect with others” (35). “On top of that, President Barack Obama changed the course of federal involvement on Jan.22, 2014, when he uneveiled a new White House report on rape and sexual assault and announced a White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault” (33). It is first time that a President make the sexual assault a national

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