Rape-Top Five Facts By Stephanie Haase: An Analysis

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In Ethiopia when a women gets sexually assaulted by a man, a women loses her purity and gets shunned by the society around her. According to “Rape- Top Five Facts,” by Stephanie Haase, “being raped means having your vagina, anus or mouth penetrated without giving your consent, either with a penis or anything else” (Haase 1). Rape is a serious matter but most of these cases are not reported. According to RAINN, there are about 68 percent of sexually assaults not being reported to the police. The reason being is that the victim feels frightened about what the consequence might be for reporting the rapist to the police. In the novel, Half the Sky, by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDUNN, discusses about an Ethiopian young girl named Woinshet…show more content…
While fighting for what they believe in; I believe that the United States should send psychologists down to Ethiopia so that women who have once been sexually violated can talk about their feelings and traumas. Sending United States psychologists to Ethiopia would help these women open up and confess their inner feelings about the horrific experience of being raped. The reason being is that the court in Ethiopia would most likely be more open minded and willing to understand a woman who gets raped because their would be evidence and tests. Justices of peace would no longer need to say, “get it over with and marry...” (Rule by Rape 65). No wonder women are afraid of talking to superiors of the law. They are afraid of getting punished about something they did not have control over. It would be unethical to have a women go through a process like marriage based on a sexual assault. Not only did a woman not want to get raped but they also have been physically and mentally hurt by the abuser. Overall, a women should have people in their community for moral support. Events like these may happen each and everyday; therefore, it is essential for a women to know that she can count on an

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