Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World Essay

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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient world are quite extraordinary and come from a rich background. Built with the hard work and dedication of the Greeks, they were able to pull off stunning architecture and a monumental structure. Unfortunately, of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only the Great Pyramid of Giza remains, which can be quite contradicting considering it was one of the oldest of all to be constructed. In the era of classical antiquity, civilization was on the rise and can be tied with the demand towards building. 1 For the course of my paper I will be disusing the evolution of Giza, which can be interpreted by Mendelssohn; furthermore, a man with interesting theories I will soon share. Secondly, I will discuss theories suggested by Brier (2007) and Edwards (2003). Lastly, I will share construction…show more content…
The reason for this can be associated with the ancient Egyptians believing that when their king died the soul would remain with the body, hence the pyramid was constructed to preserve the body. 4 Khufu the king who ruled Egypt for about 2547-2524 B.C., is praised for his idea of building the pyramid, but how he did it is an entirely different story. There are many theories to discuss, but I will bring to light the theory given by Brier. In the article “How to Build a Pyramid” by Brier, he sheds light on how the creation of the breathtaking pyramids were formed. He has two theories, and with real justification and reasoning he discusses the possibility of the external ramp, and cane theory. 5 The external ramp theory can be related to the present day crane machine, the ramp would allow workers to reach new heights, and move up and down. Simply laying the ramp on one side of pyramid would have been an extraordinary advantage. Brier also includes descriptive pictures, truly allowing the readers to understand the internal ramp

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