The Mask In Theatre

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The mask is a fascinating device that consists of magical, artistic and ritual applications. In the world of theatre, the mask surpasses the audience`s understanding of a character, as it possesses a unique form. A mask generally comes with strange powers and attributes. These traits can be used to theatrical advantage both for the actor wearing the mask and for his/her audience. This combination crafts an intriguing atmosphere and helps create the audience`s wonder and curiosity. Various cultures have used these idioms for its theatrical performances. Commedia dell’arte was no exception in its use of the mask. The artists were quick to discover the infinite capacities of the mask for humour and to amuse and entertain their audience. These masks were essential to character development. Commedia dell’arte is translated as Comedy of Crafts or of the Artisans because of its origins. Commedia dell`arte is known for its unwritten and comedic drama. This theatre…show more content…
He is the second old man in the Commedia dell’arte world. Some characteristics that define this character are his intelligence and weight. This kind of character knows everything and thus this character is very vocal. He also eats a lot and so his physical appearance is very large and the complete opposite to Pantalone. The Dottore mask covers the nose and forehead only. The actor`s cheeks are thus revealed to the audience, which shows his fondness for being intelligent and witty. Sometimes the mask would have bushy eyebrows to show the age of the Dottore. The colouring of the Dottore’s mask is often similar to Pantalone`s mask to show the audience the similarity of class and reputation. Nevertheless, even though these characters are both respected, in truth these characters despise each other for their different viewpoints on everything. Thus, these characters would argue and shout at each other for reasons that would seem

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