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According to above analytic results, this study inspected the perception of service quality provided to customers in HDFC bank and the relative differences attached with the various determinants of service quality using the SERVQUAL model. The findings of the research suggest that customer satisfaction towards service quality in HDFC bank is significantly influenced by Assurance, Tangibility, Empathy, Reliability and Responsiveness. It is found out that empathy has the most significant impact on customer satisfaction and Responsiveness has the least significant impact on customer satisfaction towards HDFC bank. From these findings, it is clear that the customer expectation exceeds well in empathy provided by the HDFC bank in terms of giving…show more content…
The bank delivers the best service in respect to provide individual attention to customers. Obviously, the bank fails to meet the expected customer service in the dimension of responsiveness. The banks are not helping the customers at times when the customers need them the most and the customer requests and other queries remains unanswered or unattended at most times. Problem handling is also one important aspect where the HDFC bank fails miserably. Thus, the customer perceptions regarding responsiveness in quality of service provided to them falls short with high margin and responses to this study suggest that responsiveness has positive correlation and no significant effect on customer satisfaction. It is evident that HDFC bank has not shown interests in responding to problems experienced by customers. There is a customer problem Suggestions and Recommendations The Indian sector in India has been competing with same type of products to the consumers and hence service…show more content…
The bank managers should identify the gap prevails between the perceived service quality and actual service quality of banking services provided to customers and find effective ways to enhance customer satisfaction with respect to important service quality features. Because there is a stiff competition in banking sector in India, customer service by exceeding the required needs of customers is the most vital component for each bank and bank managers need to emphasize on ways to improve customer satisfaction regarding improved service quality. Also, the bank managers can use the results of this study to increase their understanding of which service quality dimensions has the strongest association with overall customer satisfaction. When providing banking services, observations on the level of fulfillment of customer needs and the degree of customer satisfaction with the respective bank periodically need to be done and it will help the bank to decrease the gap in matching the perceived service and the rendered service so that customers'

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