Advantages And Disadvantages Of HDFC Mortgage Loans

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Among a host of loan options provided by the banks, one of the most popular products is loan against property or mortgage loan. This product instantly clicks with the borrowers because it generally allows one to borrow a large amount of money at the time of financial emergency. At such crucial times HDFC Mortgage loan can get you higher amount for business needs and personal needs as well. HDFC Mortgage loan comes with the benefit of easy documentation, speedy approval process, flexible repayment options and low interest rate. The borrowers can avail this loan by mortgaging their property as security with the bank. The fund which is generated from this can be used for any kind of purpose. Unlike personal loan, HDFC Mortgage loan is a secured loan as the borrower has to put either their residential or commercial as collateral with the bank.…show more content…
The Bank charges interest as low as 11% to 15%. This helps bank to retain the customer who choose the superior service quality of the bank’s product at similar interest rate. • The loan offered by the bank is flexible in nature and based on the applicant’s preferred choice and need. The loan amount offered by the bank ranges from 10 lakh to 10 crore. • HDFC Mortgage loan is available from 10 lakhs to 10 crore and the bank also offers you flexible repayment option of 5 years to 15 year. You can pay the loan amount in monthly EMIs or a lump sum amount at the end of the year, whichever is suits your need. • You can also get your HDFC Mortgage loan insured under “All Safe” insurance. • The bank provides self-employed individuals with the option of getting their loan customised to suit their specific needs. This is a special feature which is exclusively offered by HDFC Bank enabling easy repayment for individuals engaged in their own business. Moreover self-employed individual also get special schemes and offers designed exclusively for

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