Social Construction In Social Media

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Conversation: Conversation paves way for sharing one's thought, opinion, emotion with the other. Conversation establishes connection between people. Growth in the social media is an indication about the growing connection and conversation among people throughout the world (Rayne, 2013). Mundane is a popular term which is widely being used in the sociology they are based on the experience. According to this concept, the world is independent, and there is a strong belief about the prejudice (Pollner, 1987, p. 127). Conversation of any sort is essential to establish a connection and in the social construction. Entire world is well-connected in all means, all people wanted connection with each other which builds our society. Social Construction: Social construction is essential in human life which is being justified under both classical…show more content…
11). Social construction is a continuous process, and it always requires a significant contribution from individual, group and organization. Individuals with a good attitude and though can only form a group that will add more value to the society. These individuals and group form part of the organization; this has a great impact on the construction of society. Contribution from all these levels must be effective in making any change. Let us look into the example of discrimination that was prevalent in our society for many years. Discrimination was haunting the individuals, and it requires a change within the individuals. More connection and communication with other individual enable people in understanding about the difficulties of others. With time individuals began to realize and change their attitude towards discrimination, this was shared (communicated) with other individuals within the same

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