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Reflective Paper Best Man Holiday was the sequel to the film The Best Man. It was a movie that portrayed the strong and lasting friendship of college friends. One of the main characters, Mia Sullivan, wanted to reunite the clan again to spend Christmas with her and her family. Little did they know that this would be their last Christmas with her, she was diagnosed with cancer, and she was dying. In the first movie, controversy spread amongst the group when past relationships between the friends were brought up, and secrets were revealed. Mia’s dying wish was to once more reunite them all. She is the character who I relate to the most, she portrays a since of positivity when placed in a negative situation, she lives a very devotional Christian lifestyle, and she was selfless in her desire to take care of others in her dying days.…show more content…
She graduated with honors, was active in organizations for her school, and still maintained a Christian lifestyle. In the first movie she met her husband Lance who was the exact opposite of her; he was the Ying to her Yang. She committed herself to celibacy; he was your typical all-star football player, on and off the field. She devoted herself to schoolwork; he devoted himself to parties and women. However, they related in the aspect of both having a divine love for the Lord. In Best Man Holiday, Lance went on to the pros and Mia took the role of a stay-at-home mother and wife. In both movies, Mia was always the character who remained calm, sweet, and motherly-like to everyone. She kept the steady head in any situation and put others before

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