Budweiser's Latest Superbowl Commercial 'Lost Dog'

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Budweiser’s latest Superbowl commercial, “Lost Dog” stole America’s heart. When a company produces and advertisement, they use different strategies to hook the audience and get them thinking about their commercial when buying their product. Typically beer commercials overuse beer kegs and tan women's legs to lure in potential male consumers. This Budweiser commercial however steps away from that beer stereotype and aims its commercial to a wider audience of both men and women. The heartwarming story of a missing yellow lab and distraught owner and Clydesdale horse went straight to the hearts of the viewers. The affectionate relationship between the yellow lab puppy and the Clydesdale uses the power of stereotypical American story of love,…show more content…
It starts with a slow, acoustic version of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” which immediately sets a heartrending mood for the viewers. It mirrors the theme of love and willing to go extreme lengths to help a friend or lover, which is later exemplified by the clydesdales coming to the puppy’s rescue. Not long after the commercial starts, the young yellow lab goes missing. The owner is concerned about the puppy’s safety as he asks truck drivers if they've seen a yellow lab and hangs up flyers with “Lost Dog” written in bold letters to catch attention of passer by’s. In American culture, it is not uncommon to put up flyers when pets go missing in deep aspiration that their family pet will return home. This relates to many who this has happened to or know someone who it has happened to, creating a melancholy mood. In America, a dog is a man’s best friend: they are loyal, love unconditionally, and are the best companions. The clydesdale is troubled that the puppy is missing as well when it starts misbehaving and refuses his owner by stomping around the barn and resisting to go into the stall. The hardship both the owner and the Clydesdale feel is further proven when the owner rests his head on the horses…show more content…
In films and television shows, rain often mirrors human tears. In this scene, the rain mirrors the owner and the Clydesdales mood. The puppy had managed to travel almost the whole way home without issue until finally his bravery fails him again the wolf. The puppy is both braved and doomed when up against the wolf; the puppy can not win, making the clydesdales response so poignant. The horses were useless up until that moment as the yellow lab yelps, the clydesdale hears and breaks out of the barn stall and it and three other horses come running to the puppy’s rescue and scares off the wolf. The horses who had been unhelpful to their friend up until now make his return possible. They supply the one thing the puppy lacks — strength. The statement made here is about true friendship being complementary. The friend completes the person by supplying those gifts the person does not

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