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Blockbuster movies have become more and more of a dominating force in the film industry recently. Lately it seems that “Everything revolves around the idea that a big production gives a better performance at the box office” (Cucco, 2009). With their big budgets they are being packed with well know actress and actors, it makes since that people would tend to be more drawn to go see them. With the rise of the blockbuster there has also been a change in the storytelling style, leading filmmakers to rely more on big budgeted action sequences to drive a film instead of the old classical narrative approach. With the introduction to new technology, special effects, and was of filming filmmakers seem to be focusing more on cool and visually appealing…show more content…
People love to go and see things being blow up and destroyed. One director that is well known for making these action filled blockbusters is Michael Bay, the director of the Transformers (2007-2014) series. One of the biggest films from the Transformers series is its third installment, Transformers: Dark of the Moon released in 2011. This installment was supposed to continue the story of the Autobot’s with new and improved special effects. While it did have better effects than its predecessors, the films story felt like it was second to all of the explosions and spectacles. In the early stage of the Transformers series the film was full of witty dialogue and characters that people could retaliate and cheer for, but by the time the third installment came out the films seemed to have stopped put much effort into the story. Instead they focused more on what new ways the could use the Autobots to cause mass destruction on big cities. Another example this kind of blockbuster is Babak Najafi’s 2016 sequel London has Fallen. Though these two movies are two different genres, they both are less focused on having a well developed narrative and having big spectacles. Like Dark of the Moon, London has Fallen is as sequel to a previous blockbuster, Olympus is Fallen (Antoine Fuqua, 2013), but instead of furthering the story it is basically a retelling of the original, just set in a different…show more content…
Some movies use the special effects and the 3D technology to add depth to a movie, like in James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster hit Avatar. Since the recent development in 3D technologies, studios have been releasing more and more blockbusters in 3D. Since the movies are being advertised for a 3D format they tend to have a focused on having these action spectacles where things will pop out at the audience. Since filmmakers are having to make sure to add these cheap ploys, they are having to result to making cheesy action shots that will go along with the 3D. These spectacles help give the film these lazy look and cause the filmmaker to focus more on that, than trying to further and better the story of the film. This is easily seen in Transformers Dark of the Moon. In the movie whenever the Autobots are battening each other, there is a strong focus on pieces of metal flying at the screen for the popping out effect. This just takes away from the film itself because since they are focusing on trying to pander to the audience with the 3D effects, they are not focusing on ways to further the plot of the film. Instead of just having things constantly flying at the screen, making the scenes much longer than they should be, they could be using the 3D to give the film depth and help further along the story. This is one of the main problems with Dark of the

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