Big Hero 6

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‘We jumped out a window!’ Does that sound familiar? I’m doing my review on the 2014 animated film ‘Big Hero 6!’ On the first day Big Hero 6 came to theaters I went to see it in 3D. I went to see Big Hero 6 because the character Hiro had self relations to me. I viewed it at the AMC Marlton theater. I picked this movie because my parents said I would like it. I’ve seen the movie 7 times. Now I will tell you why it is such a good movie. The movie is a Comedy-Action animated movie made by Disney. This movie was released in 2014. The directors were Don Hall, and Chris Williams. The main actors were Scott Adsit as Baymax, and Ryan Potter as Hiro. The screenwriter was Jordan Roberts. The movie takes place in San Fransokyo which is San Francisco and Tokyo mixed together making San Fransokyo which is actually a theory that San Fransokyo is located in a alternate history where Japan and Germany won World War 2 but i’ll get into that another time! Big Hero 6 won 2 awards. The first one is a blimp for Best Animation of the Year, and the other was an Academy award. Now time for the plot!…show more content…
He has amazing skills with computers and he chooses to waste his time fighting for money until things change. His brother Tadashi Hamada’s school was holding a competition to see who would be the next entry to the school. It was for who could build the best invention and Hiro decided to build robots that does whatever he wants. He ended up winning but, the school caught in flames. Hiro gets caught in a black hole of sadness. So, Hiro and friends create a superhero group called Big Hero 6 to stop the man who started the fire. Now for my review on this
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