Pregnancy Project Thesis

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Perseverance is defined as “steady persistence in a course of action or purpose especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement” by Gaby Rodriguez exemplifies this in her memoir, The Pregnancy Project, by enduring the stereotypes her classmates, family members and community assume her to be after finding out she was pregnant. It started as a school project but, turned into so much more. While attending Toppenish High School, Gaby was faced with the difficult task of creating her own independent senior project. She wanted to do something that would leave her mark on her school and inspire her grade. Little did she know the whole world would be touched by her project. Gaby’s mother and older sisters had all gotten pregnant as teenagers. Everyone thought she would be one too, almost as if it was a family tradition to have a child while in high school. As a young Hispanic girl living almost in poverty, that’s what people expected from her. Instead of ignoring the stereotypes, Gaby went a step further. Gaby announced that she was pregnant, consequently “living down to their expectations.” However, she wasn't, because she wasn't really pregnant. Gaby decided to fake her own pregnancy and document all the reactions and comments people had to it. Knowing it…show more content…
She started taking notes on everything that was said about her. Friends and family started to make comments saying she was irresponsible, wouldnt go to college, and that it was bound to happen. An administrator at her school even had the audacity to say that she knew Gaby was going to pregnant and that she didn't know she just ruined her life. Gaby became quickly frustrated with the doubt people had in her, while letting out anger to her boyfriend she yelled out “Why do we insist on putting limitations on what people are capable of doing?”
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