Examples Of Atticus Justice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Through the whole text, it’s clear that Atticus is a person hold on justice and exactly follow the Golden Rule. He is a layer and also father of Jem and Scout. He always treat people in a respectful way no matter how they react to him. He always be a good example of his children as they grow up. It does make sense that Atticus takes a stand to defend Tom Robinson because of his integrity and he is trying to set a good example of his children in order to show what is right and what is wrong. The first reason it makes sense for Atticus to take a stand for Tom Robinson is that he has integrity. Scout fights against Cecil since he keeps saying Atticus defends for a Negro. Atticus has a conversation with her which mentions that “No matter what…show more content…
And the justice has nothing to do with discrimination. As Atticus says to Scout, “I’m simply defending a Negro - his name is Tom Robinson.”(100). The prejudice against black people exists everywhere in Maycomb. Tom was defined as a criminal because of his race even though he was innocent. This is the reason that Atticus defends for him. It is also a right thing to do. Ms Maudie tells Jem and Scout that “there are some men in this world who were born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father is one of them.”(288). In this case, unpleasant job means to against most of people’s traditional minds. And they consider that to defend for a black person no matter what the black people does a wrong thing. But defending for an innocent person is right although the person is Tom. “Whenever a white man does that to a black man. No matter who he is… …that white man is a trash.”(295). This shows that Atticus’s standpoint of the prejudice against black people. There is no reason for a white man to cheat black man except for discrimination. Atticus uses “trash” to describe a white man cheats a black, which clearly shows what Atticus wants his children to know and

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