How Did Frankestein Meets The Wolf Man

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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man... psh. More like The Wolf Man Meets Frankenstein and with Lon Chaney Jr. back as the Wolf Man I'm more than ok with this. The Wolf Man is without question my favorite of the Classic Universal Monster film and this film is a direct sequel to that. Also, The Ghost of Frankenstein. I think that makes the Universal Monster Films to have a shared cinematic universe. Bela Legosi plays the role of Frankenstein and honestly I wasn't impressed. This is probably due to the insane amount of stand-ins that were used, due to Bela Legosi suffer from exhaustion. Also I feel it only fair to also bring up that much of Legosi's scenes were cut due to test audiences finding a hungarian accent coming out of Frankenstein funny and now all the scenes with Legosi speaking are lost. honestly, I don't care. I like…show more content…
He can take a back seat. Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man opens with a pair of hapless grave robbers, well grave robbing and the robbing in question is the tomb of Larry Talbot (Lon Cheney Jr.). When they crack open is giant stone coffin they find him perfectly preserved and surrounded in with wolf's bane. They remove the wolf's bane just as the full moon shines down on him, returning Larry to life. He then changes and kills one of the robbers. He's found the next morning unconscious in the streets with a cracked skull. He's brought the hospital and placed under the care of Dr. Mannnering (Patric Knowles). Larry is also questioned by Inspector Owen (Dennis Hoey), who has suspicions of Larry's involvement with a murder. After transforming a couple of times and no one believing him that he turns into a Wolf that kills people, Larry escapes the hospital. He searches Brittain for Gypsy Maleva (Maria Ouspenskaya). He pleads with her for help and she agrees saying that she will look over him as she looked over her son, who was the one who

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