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SELF MANAGEMENT So what do you understand by the term self-management? By definition it is about how we control or manage our own behavior. I have designed a self- management course to you help you modify or eliminate an unattractive or undesirable behavior that you might have. There are many techniques that can assist you but I am going to look specifically at Time management, Stress management, Personal goals and lastly, gaining success and a balanced lifestyle. TIME MANAGEMENT “I have no time or I ran out of time or I am too busy!” those words will sound familiar because we’ve all said them at some point in our lives. So how can we solve this problem? Firstly, we need to understand what time management really is and why it is the key to…show more content…
It’s probably one of the most important skills you could learn, when it comes to resisting stress. How many times have we all made mistakes because we were under stress and couldn’t think clearly? I know I have! Two of the chief pillars of managing stress, are control and prevention. The second you discover or learn what stresses you out, that stress becomes controllable. Now you can develop a plan on how to deal with it. You can plan to avoid stressful situations or people or simply think of helpful and positive words to say to yourself when around…show more content…
For example, if you don’t want to be around a person or group of people, find an alternative place or group to hang out with for the day. The point is to avoid the stress trigger at all costs. When it comes to turning stress into something positive, it is always better to release stress rather than bottle it up. If networked correctly, your stress can help you achieve countless things. You must learn to harness the power of your stress and it will increase your psychological clarity and sharpen your decisions. PERSONAL GOALS It can sometimes be quite difficult to set personal goals or relaunch your life in the best way. Often we just focus on a few areas of our lives that we are not happy with. I’ve learnt that it is far more useful to take a ‘helicopter’ view of your entire life and decide on the main areas that you should focus on. So here is my step by step process to setting personal goals. STEP 1 Determine the area of your life that needs focus. Here is a list of categories: 1. Health & Fitness 2. School 3. Relationships 4. Social Life 5. Personal Development 6. Finances – that’s your pocket money or allowance, if you get one 7.

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