Intimacy And Vulnerability

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Intimacy and vulnerability are closely connected, both meaning the familiarity between people or objects. Fear of intimacy is common among people, especially women, who have anxiety disorders. You are one of eleven children, two of which died at birth, and are the sixth born. Of the living, you have one older brother, three older sisters, three younger brothers, and one younger sister. You have three older sisters, and one younger. You have daily chores such as dishes, gardening, haying, taking care of firewood, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of your younger siblings. You walk 1/2 a mile to school everyday, no matter the weather, and are still in charge of getting your younger siblings to school. Your breakfast is oatmeal or toast. Your lunch is a cold biscuit and peanut butter, every day. Your dinner is usually potato or stale macaroni. For dessert, you get a sugar cake with no frosting. You are abused at home. Your Father will tell you that you do nothing wrong, constantly calling you dumb, as well as hitting you with horsewhips, to his very large hand. You fear the idea of getting intimate with someone after he becomes blind, and too ill to raise his voice. You fear vulnerability, because the first man in your life showed you anything besides love. He dies at the beginning of your sophomore year of high school. You are married the summer after you graduate.…show more content…
A child. You work long days to afford the basic necessities, putting aside $40.00 for your wedding dress. It’s the nicest item you

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