Factors Influence Healthy Eating Habits For College Students

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There are a lot of factors that influence healthy eating habits for college students. The factors can range from financial needs, stress, and time management. College can be looked as the training wheels for eighteen to twenty-two-year olds for real life. They must find the time and money to invest in food that will be healthy for them. Mom or dad will not always be there to make a meal or give money to get some. College students need to realize that while in college, they need to make wise decision on their food choices to live a healthy and safe life during college. If they do not, they will harm themselves and live up to the stereotype of the freshman fifteen. That stereotype of college students needs to end. Money is a huge factor on how a college student eats. Adrianna Reyes talks about in her thesis paper about…show more content…
According to Whitney and Rolfes, some people eat in response to stress whether it be negative or positive. Continuously eating to get rid of stress can result in overeating and weight gain (Whitney, E., & Rolfes, S. R. 2016). Students are especially stressed in college because they know that if they fail in college, they will not be able to get a financially secure job which means their life will be ruined. They must study for tests, midterms, and exams which have a huge impact on their grade which determines if they pass or get into graduate school. The solution to this is finding a better way to handle stress which can be done by talking it out, working out, better time management, and getting extra help if struggling in a class. It is not healthy to eat the stress away because it will not get rid of the problem but create more problems farther down the line. I can relate to this because during finals last semester, I either ate a lot of junk food to keep calm or barely ate anything while studying. It was a nightmare and I wish that I found a better way to handle the

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