Memorandum Textual Analysis

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Abstract This paper involves what I learned in this chapter which includes how to send/receive messages, how to ask for and obtain reactions, basic sentence organization, work relationships and the topic concerning useful censure. Items Involved in Memorandums The list of items that should be included when transfering a message are; Any areas that the individual would like to represent The names of the people that will collect my memo At what time of day will my message be delivered to the other people The Framework of a Sketch The initial paragraph The setting of the paper The end of the paper Sentence Association On a basic average most sentences should include a number of words and a section that contains…show more content…
6, pgs. (210-218). 360 Degrees and Organizations A 360 response is to receive reviews from more than one person and the method is used more regularly for giving a response or comment in order to achieve greater results. Lussier,R.Cengage Learning.2013.”Leadership,Theory,Application & Skill Development”, 5th Edition.Ch. 6, pgs. (210-218). Friends and Work A supportive working relationship should not be a true friendship because it can create a disagreement or bias over other employees. The employer and the employee should in fact be able to get along with each other and have the ability to come to a mutual agreement on assignments and other issues. Disapproval and It’s…show more content…
Discrepancies and Our Own Character I know when I am in conflict when I become overly defensive, very emotional and argumentative when having a conversation with someone when feeling insecure, misunderstood, feeling overly stressed out and when I don’t feel that my emotional, physical, financial needs are being met. Performance and Disagreements The difference between beneficial and conflict that is not beneficial is that favorable conflict is a normal mutual disagreement between one party or many parties and dysfunctional conflict is a non productive argument between one or multiple parties to which it is almost impossible to reach a mutual decision. Model Usage The BCF Model also known as The Behavior, Consequence, and Feeling model is used for the purpose of managing, controlling, resolving and or preventing conflict in an attempt to taking responsibility for our own actions and the consequences that may follow. Lussier,R.Cengage Learning.2013.”Leadership,Theory,Application & Skill Development”, 5th Edition.Ch. 6, pgs.

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