Explain Why Video Gaming Should Be A Sport

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Why video gaming should be a sport The advancements in technology has created many new things in our society . It's changed it in many ways , new ways to connect with family and friends , make new friends watch a video on the go, and also created a new and very competitive form of sport. its called Esports . with the current definition of “sport” as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. many people say that video games not being a sport for the fact that it's not physical . but video games have many aspects of sports , they are a new way to have sports across the world without having to leave your house . and they create growing careers for gamers…show more content…
with esports there are many people out there making great livings just from simply playing video games and grinding to become better at said game , such as dota , league of legends , and starcraft . “ There is another way to make a living through gaming other than becoming part of a professional team...carlos “ Ocelote” Rodriguez is 24 years old and makes about $950,000 per year . He owns a line of gaming gear and is a regular streamer on Twitch.tv , which is a live-streaming video platform where anyone can view gamers streaming their games ” there are many people out there like carlos . many who've hit it big just by doing the things they enjoy . “ top esports players (like Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez) are feted all over the globe, and can earn upwards of £1m a year . ” but you also have the people who would be very critical about this becoming a career . in recent years they have even been giving scholarships out for players of league of legends , so now players can get an education and also be able to to games . creating careers while they game “ now at RMU where his playing is tied to a scholarship and students must maintain a benchmark Gpa she boast that her son made the deans list ” they'd say that this is just an excuse to slack off “... people think of it as a way to slack off and become lazy ” or will say things like “ ...if you play them you'll dull your mind … unless you're using wii fit there is no way on god's green earth that video gamers require physical exertion and rarely barely any mental if at all ” with all of theses people claiming it's just an easy way to slack off and be lazy , but still claiming that sports players who just lift weights all day are actually playing a sport . without recognizing all the training that the Esports players go through to get at the position they hold . to be able to make

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