Pyxis Medication Dispensing System

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Pyxis: An Introduction The Pyxis medication dispensing system is used in a wide variety of medical settings to aid in the safe administration of medication. Like other computerized medication administration systems, the Pyxis system provides a centralized, locked and regulated environment that ensures that medication can only be accessed by appropriate personnel. The Pyxis system simplifies the inventory, stocking, ordering and distribution of medications through the use of information systems. Objectives Discuss the purpose and use of the Pyxis medication dispensing system. Discuss the history and background of the Pyxis medication dispensing system. Discuss the impact the Pyxis medication dispensing system has…show more content…
Pyxis was purchased from Pyxis Corp by Cardinal Health in 1996. By 2009, Cardinal Health rebranded to CareFusion, who is the current manufacturer of the Pyxis system. Current Use Background The Pyxis is a computerized cabinet that is used for the storage and distribution of medications throughout the healthcare setting. The Pyxis system is able to network between electronic medical records and pharmacy. In most facilities, physicians can use computers to prescribe medications, which are automatically placed into the Pyxis system after pharmacy review. Current Use Medication Security Nurses are able to access medications for patients securely when they need it. Nurses access medications using unique login information, passwords and, if enabled, fingerprints, allowing for enhanced medication security. Pharmacists are able to review medication orders prior to enabling the medication in the Pyxis, leading to improved patient…show more content…
The Impact of the Pyxis System on Nursing and Healthcare Reduces medication errors Improves patient care Becomes less efficient when pharmacy doesn’t keep the Pyxis properly stocked. Reducing medication errors According to Agrawal, 1.5 million people are harmed every year in the United States due to medication errors (2009). Agrawal also states that information technology (IT) systems used to aid in medication administration, to include “computerized physician order entry, automated dispensing cabinets, bedside bar-coded medication administration, and electronic medication reconciliation,” have the ability to drastically reduce medication errors and save billions of dollars in costs associated with medication errors (2009). The Pyxis system also analyzes and alerts nurses and staff to potentially significant safety concerns (Bond, 2010). The Pyxis improves patient care An automated system like the Pyxis updates medications in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) immediately after medications are pulled (Agrawal, 2009). The Pyxis improves patient care Cont. Less time locating medications from a

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