Sectionalism In The American Civil War

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Throughout American history, there have always been differing opinions and views on the status quo. No more prevalent is this than during the early to mid 19th century leading up to the American civil war, during witch sectionalism was a prevailing thought in the American south, effecting political, economical, and social ideas in american society. In the eye's of history, the time between the American revolutionary war and precursors to the American civil war is a very short period of time. A small time span in which many political ideas changed, both domestically and internationally. By comparing the continental congress in the revolutionary war to the southern Commercial Convention, (1852-1859) many similarities arise, groups of representative from various states meet and discuss current events. However the differences begin to appear when the topics of the southern Commercial…show more content…
A change in the economic stability of the country. Diversity and giving specific roles to the sectioned states was now a fear for the southern states. The sectionalism was not limited to the southern states however, the northern and western territories had their own sectionalism views. The main view all American states adopted was that of commerce and stability; for example, social and political arguments between the North and South were turned into “credible” support for either sides’ arguments for the benefit of their own, sectioned off economic community. [Chapter II. Robert Royal Russel, Economic Aspects of Southern Sectionalism, 1840–1861 (1973)] During this period of political argument and strife, tensions raised, no more did they rise than around 1840 where southern agriculture suffered profusely due to various political decisions made by the federal united states government. This idea of sectionalism, economically created a divide between the south and the

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