Average Man Is A Conformist

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Conflict is one of the very few existential constants. Every life has its fair share. Even those who seem to have less have a peculiar tendency of magnifying them, until their struggle is as great as anyone's. The real variable, and what could be called the real judge of a man, is how he responds to the inevitable problems that befall him. Colin Wilson said, "The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain." I disagree with the first part of this quote. The average man is not a conformist. This leaves the second part. We don't have any data about that, so we can pretend it's true. This, however, leads the analytical mind to a query. If not for the sake of conformity, why does the average man accept hardships? This will be assessed, as well as the reasons for the falsehood of the first part of the quote.…show more content…
He makes decisions logically. This means that his choices are completely independent of other people. The source of confusion is that most people are basically the same. If two people have the same minds, it makes sense that they make the same choices. Conformity is not a factor. Even if everyone else was making a different decision, the average man would make the same one. It is only coincidence that everyone's decision is the same. If decisions are made independent of social pressure, and the average man accepts hardship with stoicism, then each man has a personal reason to do so. This is a unique phenomenon. However, it is accurate. With all the struggles of life, little effort goes toward diagnosing and solving problems. There are multiple reasons for the inaction of the individual. Just as people are unique, so is the individual reason. People are stoic because of apathy, desperation, contentment, and

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