Sectionalism In American History

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In American History we are currently studying the concept of sectionalism. Sectionalism is division within the country based on regional beliefs and interests. In the early to mid 1800’s, sectionalism in America grew as slavery divided the Nation. Slavery was ignored, compromised, and argued about by the states until the conflict drove our country into the Civil War. Although regional differences are not as distinct these days, many issues are currently causing division among the states and people of our country. These issues lead to what our history class describes as “modern sectionalism.” One such issues is with Rottweilers and how they are thought about. In the article, The Rottweiler, from, a ten year old rottweiler named Stinky was recently inducted into the hall of fame in the Purina Animal Hall in 2011. She was service dog of the year and worked as a psychiatric therapy dog that helped soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder. Her owner was going to bring grave harm to himself but wondered what would happen to the dog if he did so. Stinky looked at him and he then decided not to kill himself. Stinky had saved his life, he later said “Thank god that dog was with me. Having her around definitely saved my life.” The rottweiler has a bad reputation in a lot of minds. Yet the breed has lived only to serve…show more content…
The dogs aren’t just genetically born with this ability they are mind forced with it. They are very very intelligent dogs. Most of the dogs are too smart for their own good which isn’t a bad thing at all. These dogs are just like any other dog other than their appealing to the eye characteristics. If one is anti-rottweiler they really shouldn’t be these dogs will do what someone wants them to do if they handle and train them right. When I was in fourth grade we got our first rottweiler and he was a rescue, he was the best thing that I ever

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