Persuasive Essay On Concussions From Schools

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Football needs to be safer or it should be removed from schools. Without a doubt concussions are one of the most dangerous parts of football. But some students think because they have all that padding on they can't get hurt. But you can because there is no such thing as a concussion proof helmet. Every year over 90,000 students get a concussion and according to health about 25,000 of those students need to go to a hospital due to traumatic brain injuries. This means football needs to be taken out of schools because school sports are supposed to be safe. Football has negative lasting effects. According to Frontline News, after a concussion students do about 25% worse on a memory test. The effects can last weeks if not months. If you get a second concussion before your brain healed from the first one, the effects can be permanent.This shows football has lasting effects because a concussion can last months. Yet parents still let their kids play. If a kid gets multiple concussions in a row there brain starts to decay. One study on a former player’s brain showed decay that is associated with old age. One doctor said…show more content…
According to frontline news In mississippi they have no rules saying that a kid needs to be taken out of the game if they get a concussion and there's no rules saying a coach needs to take classes teaching them what to do if a kid does get a concussion. This proves that either they don't care about their student's health or they don't want to take the time to improve the rules. when you don't take the player out it makes it possible to get a second concussion. Especially when there letting kids use their heads to hit over players with. This means the parents and coaches either don't care enough or they don't know the dangers. Either the rules need to be changed to make the game safer or they need to take it out of all

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