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Mathura is a town which holds great religious significance. Mathura is the birthplace of Krishna at the centre of Braj or Brij-bhoomi, called Shri Krishna Janma-Bhoomi. It is one of the 7 cities which is considered holy by Hindus. If you are a religious traveller, a lot lies to be explored, so much so that a first-time traveller might just get confused. We bring to you 8 must visit temples in this holy town- 1) Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple krishna janmabhoomi | AHA Taxis Located near Mathura railway station, the temple is one of the main attraction of the city in Uttar Pradesh and an important place of pilgrimage for the devotees of Hindu community. It is a popular belief that nearly 5000 years ago Lord Krishna was born here. As per the…show more content…
The articles that were recovered include utensils, some old figurines, and a rock platform. They have been put to display in a museum. Because of it being next to a mosque, there is heavy security to prevent any communal clashes. 2) Dwarkadheesh Temple dwarkadheesh temple | AHA Taxis The temple was constructed in 1814 and is located at a central place in the city of Mathura. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Krishna yet again. The Dwarkadheesh Temple in Mathura is considered to be one of most visited temples in the city. The architecture of the temple is very interesting with beautiful carvings and paintings. Festivals like Holi, Janmashtami and Diwali are celebrated with enthusiasm. During these occasions lots of tourists visit the temple to receive the blessings of the Lord. Presently the management and administration of the temple is looked after by the followers of the Vallabhacharya sect. 3) Gita Mandir gita mandir | AHA…show more content…
Worshipers can visit the temple in the morning and offer their offerings. There are small shops outside the Gita Mandir which sell flowers, sweets and other essential commodities required for the puja. 4) Kesava Deo Temple kesav deo temple | AHA Taxis It is in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh was constructed over the prison cell in which Lord Krishna was born. As per the legend, Lord Krishna was born in a small prison room as his parents were in the captivity of the tyrant ruler Kansa. During Aurangzeb’s reign, the temple was demolished on his instructions and the Jama Masjid was built on the site by the local governor, Abe-In-Nabir Khan. Few years back the remnants of the old temple could be seen behind the mosque but now been modern buildings have covered it. 5) Govind Dev Temple govind temple | AHA

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