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The Life on Broadway Have the you imagined what it would be like to be an actor/actress on Broadway? Watching a show makes it looks easy but it can actually be challenging! It’s difficult for an actor/actress to land a part, most of them go through hundreds of auditions and it’s recherche to even land one part. It takes a lot out of the actor/actress and the family that supports them through everything. Auditions are stressful. Broadway takes an emotional toll on the family since they are separated. Even though people believe Broadway is an easy lifestyle to achieve, Broadway is full of hard work and dedication for the member of a Broadway tour and their family. Casting a role takes plenty of time to find the impeccable aptitude to fit the…show more content…
When working in new york by their self there will be no reminders from mom every morning. Having great organization is the key to success, start early and apply it to everything such as school, homework, sports, and studying. “Even though they might have an agent one day, it’s not their job to manage the actors every waking moment. Getting to places on time – and sometimes, with very short notice – is all a part of the job, so it’s best to master their time management skills now” (How to Become a Broadway Actor or…show more content…
When Jen didn’t land a role her mother said “Its extremely sad and heartbreaking when your daughter works so hard to prepare for a role and they get rejected when the their know their talent.” But that happens in the theatre business all the time. They tend to “type cast” where the cast people based of what they look like, such as if the actor/actress are skinny enough. Not every role is about talent. When Jen performed her first musical in theatre by the sea, Linda said that the moment she saw her daughter on broadway she was “exhilarated, proud, ecstatic...” her daughter was a natural. She was perfect and professional. It was the first time she realized how truly talented she

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