How Does Boo Radley In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Boo's role in the to kill a mockingbird Boo Radley starts out in the TKAMB as a mysterious character, who is rarely seen. He is made up to be a ghost in Maycomb. Rumors such as that he got into so much trouble as a teen, to keep him from going to prison his father agreed to keep him confined to the house and now Boo eats the heads off of chickens and is a probably mentally unstable to the point he would stab his father, created fear into the children's of Maycomb where they would walk extra miles to avoid his house and or run as fast as they could when passing by. These rumors now made the curiosity and imagination of Skout and Jem high as they wondered what was it like inside the Radley home and reenacted some of the rumors of the…show more content…
It continues to where Jem is slapping the house and scout is slamming into it In a wheel and Boo being amused by this and laughing. He then starts leaving little gift for the children in a tree till it is no longer possible. As times goes on Boo Radley involvement in the story and kids lives becomes more close and understanding. Starting off small, by Boo sewing Jems clothes when he returns after almost being shot in the Boo Radley yard and then gradually him covering Skout with his blanket during the cold night when the fire had broke out. Now at this point in time the Jem and Skout have realized Boo Radley isn't such a bad guy and continue on with their lives without constantly obsessing over him. Now a good amount of time have passed and again it is shown that Boo Radley isn't such a bad guy. When Skout and Jem are attacked it is Boo Radley who saves them and he even goes as far as to stab Ewells and killing him to protect them from losing their lives. Knowing that the perception of Boo would only become worse if people were to find out so they came up with a lie, that Ewells died tripping on a tree and stabbing himself ,to let boo live as he
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