Praise Vs Intelligence Analysis

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It can be an awful feeling that my parents don’t understand me, mainly because their goals and beliefs are aligned very differently. They tend to only praise my intelligence but, my other skills are never taken into consideration. In the video, “Praise Vs. Intelligence”, by Carol Dweck, the message it conveys to parents is clearly shown, that it is much more important to praise for effort and not intelligence. I find that at some point most children go through the phase where they are not accepted for whom they are, and I am one of them. Running is a passion of mine and there are many great athletes I look up to. In elementary days, I used to sprint on the black, smooth pavement. I kept on wheezing through my lungs as I ran across the pavement…show more content…
I was so attached to running, now that I am unable to continue it, I feel so numb it makes me want to do nothing and hate everyone that spoke or asked me to do something. It felt like reality just struck me and i hated life and felt like no one can help. The reality of not knowing who I really am anymore. I completely stopped running for my parent’s sake where it has made me emotionally and physically unstable. Stopping my dream has made me lazy, unhappy and hasn’t made a change in my marks. This has made me physically unfit because I don’t take part in activities which has caused me to be lazy as well as not making me play a huge role in school anymore. My parents say I have changed ever since running. They say I used to be sweet, smart, playful, outgoing teen then changed to a moody, loud angry young adult. As parents they should have compromised with me to make some arrangements where I would have tried my best to make the relationship with my parents better, but cutting my dream was not really a mature thing to do. They should have supported me instead of jumping to conclusions, “not yet” (Dweck), this saying was said by Carol several times making me realize that my parents should have said, “not yet have you reached to this level”, instead of being daunting. They think that feeding me their self-serving bias will help me in the best positive way. I understand why my…show more content…
Sometimes they want to see their own unfulfilled dreams fulfilled through me. They don’t take into consideration that I might have my own dreams. I want them to be able to praise me for my hard work and success, without having them point out flaws. I want to bask in the praise without getting complains each and every second. My parents are training me to prepare for the road ahead of life, but don’t realize that they are preparing the road themselves. They should have given me the opportunity to be successful in what I like instead of looking at the negative impacts. It doesn’t mean that I will have a fairy-tale life without suffering all the hardships that life throws me. They can call me foolish, but the fact is, I would rather follow my dreams and create my own future. If your parents are staunchly against an issue that affects you personally, try to open their eyes with your

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