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Transdermal serum (TS) One of the topical issues of today’s professional cosmetology is overcoming the barrier posed by the uppermost skin layer called stratum corneum in order to deliver organic nutrients (vitamins A,E,C, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, among others) to the lowermost skin layer- the dermis, as nearly 20% of those organic components are able to reach the viable epidermis layer only (source). Recently the scientists have created a few effective transdermal drug delivery systems and procedures (iontophoresis, microneedles, microdermabrasion), which are applied in medicine and require the use of a new generation medical equipment that is normally not affordable both for cosmetologists and the beauty salons owners. Moreover, the basic postulate of French professional cosmetology…show more content…
Target audience: professional cosmetologists (both existing and potential ones) Product description Transdermal serum is a patented and certified product that proved its safety and superior anti-aging action. It consists of lipid micro molecules (9 nano meters) designed as empty “capsules” that are aimed to transport the chemical enchancers, that are to be added in the micro molecule, trough the upper skin layers straight to the dermis where the absorption will take place. This, in turn, will drive the processes of cells’ regeneration (collagen, elastin), feeding along with the hydration, ensuring long-lasting anti-aging effect. In other words, the main function our product performs is a transportational. There are two options of using the transdermal serum, which make it an all-purpose tool for any professional cosmetologist. The first one- TS can be applied to the skin before the any other cosmetic product. The second option is that TS will deliver only those nutrients (offered in the box - vitamins A,E,C, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, omega 3,-6,-7,-9) that are needed in every particular

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