Lesson Plan Benefits

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Lesson plan is an effort to improve the process of learning and teaching in class based on the principles of mutual learning to build an effective learning community.With the aid of the lesson plan,students are able to understand on the topic taught and improve their learning skill whereas the teachers are able to conduct the class systematically and organized.Basically,a lesson plan is an added benefit for a teacher as it helps them during their teaching period.Lesson plan is commonly known as a framework for a teacher to create using his or her own style when teaching a class.Teachers are encouraged to create a daily lesson plan as an instructions or guide to carry out the lesson.Teachers can ask themselves basic questions when developing…show more content…
Lesson plan is important to both teachers and students and bring them many benefits.One of them are,it helps teacher to maintain their concentration in the topic that is being taught so they would not sidetrack and miss important points from the topic and it can help teachers to achieve their objectives.There would be many distractions when a teacher is teaching a class full of students with short attention span that would interrupt the lesson now and then.With the aid of the lesson plan,a teacher would be able to deliver their lessons smoothly without wasting time by sidetracking.Besides,it also helps both the teacher and students to keep in track on what have they done in class.By doin this,they are able to track their progress in learning as well as the problems.Lesson plan is a form of paperwork of the lesson and a teacher can refer back to the lesson plan if he or she found weekness in a particular lesson,then they can look back into the lesson plan and enhance the lesson plan so they can deliver the lesson more effectively.By doing so,a teacher can learn and improve themselves from their mistakes and missteps.Moreover,by having a lesson plan,helps the teacher for future use.Teacher are encouraged to file their lesson plans so they can use for different class or the following year.Since they already have the lesson plan beforehand,they don’t have to waste time doing a new one in the future.Moreover,by doing a lesson plan,a teacher can carry out the class in a…show more content…
How to deal with it? There are few common challenges a teacher would face when carrying out an activity in class.One of them would be extra time.Even if a teacher planned the lesson’s timing,sometimes the students take a very short time to complete their first or second task.So by the time the teacher finishes all the activities planned,there would be some time left at the end of the lesson so why must they waste it when they still can gain more knowledge?Teachers are advised to reserve a small or light activity if there is any lesson with an extra time.On the other hand,if the teacher don’t have enough time to complete all the activities,he or she should plan beforehand on which activity or component they can sacrifice without leaving an impact on the lesson.To avoid both these problems,the teacher should always keep an eye on the time.Lastly,there are so many incidents where the students were not able to complete their homework or some even haven’t started it yet and this disappoints the teachers a lot.When asked,they would most probably reply that they had not clue about this homework or never heard it from the teacher.This happens because teachers tend to give their students homework at the end of the class and

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