Character Analysis Of Characters In 'Pride, And Prejudice'

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1. Colonel Fitzwilliam is the nephew of Lady Catherine. He is intelligent and talks pleasantly with others. He is also very charming. 2. As they are all talking in chapter thirty-one, Lady Catherine chimes in with rather rude comments. She talks about how practice is necessary to become a proficient musician. She specifically addresses this to Miss Bennet and Mrs. Collins. Mr. Darcy found this to be shameful. 3. Fitzwilliam finds it amusing that Elizabeth’s surmise about Mr. Darcy only lessens the honor of Darcy’s triumph very sadly and or slightly. 4. Charlotte supposes that Mr. Darcy is in love with Elizabeth. Elizabeth dissuades her by saying that Mr. Darcy’s frequent visits to Elizabeth are simply a result from not having anything else to do. Elizabeth specifically says all field sports are over and gentleman…show more content…
We are told from Mr. Darcy’s letter that Mr. Wickham is not who he appears to be. Darcy states that Mr. Wickham is greedy and vengeful. Opposite from Wickham’s account, Darcy says that he did not refuse to give Wickham the clergyman position without compensation. Mr. Wickham asked for 3,000 pounds to use to study law. Once he wasted the money, he came to Darcy for more. Dig Deeper: 12. The story of the prodigal son is similar and different from the story Darcy tells of Wickham. The younger son in the story wastes his money just like how Wickham wasted his. The younger son then returns home to his father begging for help. Wickham has a similar incident like this happen to him according to Darcy’s story. However, the story of the prodigal son does not involve the younger son trying to get with a girl after failing to receive help. Unlike Darcy who was not happy to see Wickham crawl back to him, the father welcomes his son back home. 13. 1 Timothy 6:9-11 and Galatians 5:19-25 relate to Wickham. Wickham definitely fell into temptation when given his compensation. Instead of putting his money to good use, he was drowned in destruction and

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