A Dinner With Walter Mitty Analysis

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A Dinner with Walter Mitty James theuer invited me to have dinner with one of his main characters Walter Mitty from the secret life of Walter Mitty. Walter is a quiet man who keeps to himself and lives his life with his bossy wife. on the outside walter seems to be a normal man, but in his mind her lives in a world of adventure and heroic journeys. knowing this creates a conundrum, which is would i enjoy this dinner. I feel like it could be quite enjoyable at first. I would enjoy listening to stories of adventure and extreme dangers that Walter could tell. For example when he was a bomber pilot on a secret mission when caught dangering thunder storm or when he was a surgeon in a the middle of an important operation. Also having another person that enjoys the fun of day dreaming as much as myself. Another thing would be the comparing and contrasting the dreams we've had that day.Finally it could be extremely humares listening to the situation Walter's daydreams get him into.…show more content…
The thing that would bother me tho most would be him not paying attention to what we would be talking about or what would be going on. For example while at binner we could be having a conversation and he would go into his imagination and not know what i had just said, and i can't stand having a one sided conversation. Also in real life he is a quiet man who keeps to himself so it would be hard to get him to touch in the first place. most of all his daily life is quite boring so after maybe one or two different conversations we would have nothing to talk about for the rest of our

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