Personal Narrative: My Reading History

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When asked about my reading history, few things come to mind save for the books that I have read in my lifetime. However, I have come to realize that my reading history includes more than the number of books I have read. My reading history includes events that have helped shaped me into the reader I am today. Just thinking about how different my reading history would be without these events taking place in my life makes me wonder whether I would be illiterate or uninterested in reading. If that were the case, I would not be in this class, and I would not have taken the time to fully appreciate my reading history. With that in mind, I would like to provide a brief chronological assortment of key events in my reading history. In elementary…show more content…
I can remember my how indifferent I felt at; I only wanted to read just for the grade. Just one glance at the cover and I was filled with dread. I mustered all that I had within me, and I hesitantly turned the front page. Although the book was nonfiction, I was able to relate more to the protagonist than I would to a fiction fictional character. Not that I understood what it meant to be a child at war, but I could relate to how Ishmael felt. For example, I remember when I lived in Africa and there were rumours that armed robbers were robbing our homes I felt scared and weak. Ishmael felt that same fear and weakness when the rebel army attacked his village. The memoir also struck a chord with my sensitive side, which I definitely wouldn't have happened if I read my usual genre choice. I was deeply saddened when Ishmael spoke of the mother that was cradling her baby that died from gunshot wounds. I felt that no mother deserved to watch their own child die right before their eyes. My emotions wavered from anger to sadness, then to anger again. A Long Way Gone made me realize nonfiction wasn't just about informing, it also served as a conduit for human beings to share their stories with one

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