Personal Narrative: A Career As An Audio Engineer

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The flick of the guitar strings. The slap of the bass. The hit of the toms and high hats in beat. All put together to make a song. Then mixed to perfection, so that every single noise is clear as daylight, and at the perfect level. Weirdly that's what I love to do.Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated by sounds, sound systems, and how to make sounds sound better. My dad bought his first surround sound system when I was about seven years old. When he opened it I automatically started wiring it without even knowing what I was doing. When we were all done we turned it on and it worked flawlessly, that was the first time I ever felt the joy of building a sound system and hearing it work. Audio is something that fascinates me, which is why I want to study it more in depth. I have learned lots about it from people around me, and I keep learning more about it everyday. The main reason I want to be an audio engineer is because I love it, and I want to do something I love. That's why I want to study this subject, so I can learn everything about it, and be the best I can be at my job. This is a topic that I wake up in the morning thinking about. I eat, drink, dream, and live for sound. There's not a day when I say, "Ugh I don't…show more content…
I work on audio, lighting, staging, and rigging. I also work for Desert Sky Media as a stage grip. Finally I'm the theater technician for my local school district. I help with audio, lighting, staging, rigging, etc. I take the chance to help with any production no matter what my title is, or if I'm even paid for it. I love all aspects of productions. Sound overall dominates my love for the job. Making a band sound pitch perfect is the best feeling. When you hear the band playing and you can clearly hear every instrument, it adds intensity to the song, making people nod their heads and dance to the beat. Which makes me feel good because I have helped to create

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